Class Activities

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BIPA at Faculty of Letters of State University of Malang (UM), in its approach to teach Indonesian to Foreigners, aims at cultivating a balance of speaking and writing competence both in formal and colloquial Indonesian language. The formal variant is essential for reading or interchange with officials and educated people generally. The colloquial Indonesian offered in lessons is understood by most speakers of the language even when their variants differ.

BIPA has been running the Indonesian Studies Program and the Intensive Indonesian Language Courses to speakers other than Indonesian since 1975. Many overseas organizations or institutions has joined this program, such as, COTI (The Consortium on the Teaching of Indonesian), CSC (Council Study Center) formerly bearing the name of Cooperative Southeast Asia Studies Program (CSASP) , AFS (American Field Services)  of the U.S., ACICIS from Australia, SINKHO from Japan, and  other abroad universities. Also hundreds of individuals from all over continental have participated in Indonesian courses at BIPA UM. Since 2009, we have been running an In-Country program from Walailak University Thailand. On summer 2010, we have trusted to run The Critical Language Scholarship program for American students from many universities cross over The United State of America.



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